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Galaxy S20 | S20+ | S20 Ultra

Space Zoom

Samsung Galaxy’s most advanced zoom ever will help you capture amazing things from far away. Galaxy S20’s Hybrid Optic Zoom allows you to zoom up to x10 on anything that catches your eye with absolutely no loss of image quality. On top of that, you can enjoy Galaxy S20’s Super Resolution Zoom, which allows you to carry on zooming all the way to x100***. So when you’re at a the back of the crowd at a music festival, you can zoom to the stage in no time.**

Single TakeJust press the shutter once and Single Take mode captures a video, analyzes it using Galaxy S20’s AI, and serves you up to 14 different photos and videos including ultra wide, bokeh, cropped photos, time lapse videos and more. Shoot it once, get multiple options and choose the perfect moment*.

Dynamic AMOLED 2XEnjoy a truly cinematic viewing experience with amazingly real colors and contrasts on our state of the art AMOLED screen with a HDR 10+ certified dsiplay. And the brighter screen helps you see it clearly even in bright daylight. It’s a display that doesn’t only look fantastic, but is smart too, reducing harmful blue light autmoatically to reduce eye strain. And with our new 120Hz* refresh rate, you can expect effortless scrolling, smooth screen transitions as well.

8K video snap

Galaxy S20 takes your videos to a whole new level with 8K resolution, the highest on any Galaxy smartphone. These videos have an incredible level of detail with 4 times the resolution of UHD. In fact, 8k video is so good that you can even snap 33MP ultra-detailed stills from your 8k videos effortlessly. Simply go to your gallery, choose your 8k video and then tap capture in the upper left corner to get once in a lifetime shots. Prepare to amaze yourself, your friends and family.

Bright NightSamsung Galaxy’s most advanced camera for low light sceanarios will transform your night time photos and videos. Our increased image sensors take in more light to produce vibrant and richer photos in the dark. The Night Mode also merges up to 30 pictures instantly to give you the crystal clear images with minimum noise in dark conditions. Galaxy S20 also includes Video HDR which makes your night time videos richer and brighter.

Eye Care Display with reduced blue lightLess eye strain during your screen time thanks to our Eye Comfort Display. Galaxy S20’s screen got better, reducing harmful blue light more than ever before without sacrificing colors on your screen.

Pros & Cons


  • Big, bright and beautiful 120Hz AMOLED display.
  • The great periscope telephoto cam offers versatile zoom options.
  • The new gen chipset is a solid upgrade performance-wise.
  • Stereo speakers are nice and loud.
  • Charging is very fast.
  • Ultra expensive.
  • Underwhelming battery life with 120Hz refresh rate.
  • 108MP Nonacell camera fails to live up to the hype.
  • ‘Space zoom 100x’ is just for marketing.
  • Fingerprint sensor performance is way behind the competition.
Feb 28, 2020

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